Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kara and Will's November Wedding Photos by Molly K Photography

Photographer Molly K wrote a blog about Kara and Will's Fall Wedding on November 7, 2009 which was held at our place.

"I’m beyond excited about this post because I had a ridiculously good time shooting this wedding with some great girls from AIP. The bride was the twin sister of a mom of twins I photographed earlier in the year. The venue and decor was gorgeous and the weather was pure perfection. As you can see, the bride was simply glowing. And I don’t think I have ever seen a man so ready to be married before. They wanted things simple and non-traditional. No bouquet tosses, no formal photos, no official dances and insisted that the day be ALL about the kids. 10 to be exact. There was no wedding party except for the 10 nieces and nephews.  Tell me that isn’t right up my ally! I hope you enjoy the photos as much I had joy in taking them."
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